Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Weekend fun and the purse goes to.....

UPDATE: The dark tomatos below are called Black Cherry

I have had a wonderful long weekend up with my parents in Cumbria  summed up by these three pictures. Eating lovely home-grown food from my parents garden and spending time with my nephew as well as some treats thrown in for good measure. The weather was wonderful in the Lake District for the time of year, is great to get out of London for a few days and take in some fresh air!

What made me smile the most this weekend???
home-grown tomatos
afternoon tea in Keswick

hanging out on Derwent Water
It would have to be when my nephew asked me if I wee like a girl or standing up like a boy, he tried to follow me to the bathroom to check!

So I am now back at the mine face, my first task is to pick a winner for a purse.. yay

Comment 8 which is Anita so I will be sending her a purse of her choice and then starting on my mission to make some new products for my stall this weekend.

THANKYOU all for entering and I hope to have another giveaway up soon

one last thought

Rosemary infused meringue with a chocolate mousse and white chocolate ice cream


  1. Yay! how very exciting...and thank you too.

    Those desserts look amazing...yummy! and I'm curious about those dark tomatoes? Are they a special variety...as I've not seen them that color here?

  2. Congratulations to Anita!
    The meringue looks yummy!

  3. awwww!! Anita!! congrats!! Those tomatoes look good!! and that dessert! MMMMMM


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