Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Quilts from north of the border... och aye the noo

On the 23rd I made my merry way up to Edinburgh on the Transpennine Express from Calisle to attend the Scottish National Quilt Championships exhibition.

I have never been to this exhibition before so was very interested to see how big it was and if they had a good variation of quilts on show, also if they had plenty of SHOPS...

It definitely could be done in a day, we arrived just after 10am and had pretty much done the show by mid afternoon. They have a canteen serving coffees, cakes and lunch. The hot food choice was either jacked potato's or.. or the carb on carb action of a very Scottish dish of Macaroni Cheese served with Chips (fries to my American readers), I am not sure how this became a Scottish dish but it something you will see on pub menus all across the very north of England and in Scotland. I have to say I was very tempted but opted for a far healthier option with more food groups than carbohydrate and fat.

I was pleased to see more tree quilts to feed my new obsession

Woodland Seasons - Claire Tinsley

close up of the applique ferns
Here are some more of the highlights:

Penelope - Amelia Leigh

Heliconia - Kate Dowty

Cathedral - Terry Donaldson

The Victorian Lady
Andrea Beck and Kay Bell

Knots and Crosses - Margaret Boe

Finally here is me with my lovely bag from Suzee at Applehead Threads it was very useful for toting all my purchases!

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  1. They all look lovely, the trees with ferns is amazing! I wish I had the patience and talent to make my own!


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