Basic Equipment

After trying out some cold water procion dying a few years ago I was hooked, however, I was living in a flat in central London and so did not see how I could practically do any in my rented home without losing my security deposit!

Here is my guide to a minimum mess method to achieve some lovely results.

Part One: Basic Equipment

Protective Gloves
You can pick up a box of disposable gloves very cheaply they can be binned inside out rather than rinsed off (causing splashes)

Protective Sheeting
Any builders merchants/Homebase/Hardware store should have this, I get a packet with a number of sheets in, medium weight plastic but it has to be waterproof not cloth

Procion Dye Powders
I go onto Ebay to get mine, you can start with only 3 colours (blue/yellow/red) from which give full colour pallet! Start with getting around 30g of each a teaspoon (5g) of power makes 100mls of mixed dye

Washing Soda / Soda Ash
You can get Soda Ash from places where you buy the dyes but Washing Soda can be bought very cheaply in all supermarkets, it will be next to the washing detergents
Ordinary cooking salt

Containers with Lids
These can be jam jars or plastic cliptop containers anything watertight

Teaspoon & Tablespoon Measure
I use a cheap plastic cooking set

Plastic Stirring Sticks
I use a plastic spoon

Turkey Basters
Again I use the cheapest plastic ones, they do have a measure up the side
Large Bottles
I use fabric softener bottles but large water bottles are perfect

Plastic Trays
Litter trays are perfect but washing up bowls or similar are great

Depending on how much dyeing you will be doing one is enough to start with
Old Towel / Cloths / Old set of Clothes
You should have at least one old towel to hand in case you need to quickly soak up a spill. A few microfiber cloths for wiping down and make sure you wear old clothes. You should wash all these together at the end in the same load in the machine


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