Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ceramic pin cushions

Planning another trip around all the charity shops on the Kilburn High Road this weekend to pick up any nice looking ceramics I can find, egg cups to tea cups and small jusgs, anything with a nice pattern or shape to make pin cushions from.

Hopefully I will have some more to post by Monday :)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The results of some of my procion dyeing sessions

I will be updating my guides to the processes during this week, should give a good beginners guide to the world of hand dyeing and also some tips on how to acheive some great results in a small domestic space without staining your house!

more buttons...

more button stash
The tin used to contain Cadburys chcocolate covered brazil nuts back in the day. My grandfather added the label and I am now sorting through the buttons. I will never be able to through the tin out!

Wednesday Morning Pancake Craving

New York

Woke up this morning with a massive craving for pancakes...

Realised that this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Looking through some pics from various trips, I pretty much have pancakes everywhere I go!

Start with the pinnacle, New York diner short stack with blueberries on the side, thick fluffy with plenty of syrup, perfect.

Koh Tao, Thailand

What I love the most about dining out in Thailand are the toilet rolls on the tables to be used as napkins, you can see the yellow roll holder/dispenser here.

You get one large pancake crepe style with banana and pineapple but very disappointing TINY white dish which contained the syrup... very meagre even the bird looked disappointed with it.

Penang, Malaysia

So you get two here, slightly thicker than crepe style, trimmed down to circles.

Best so far for the amount of syrup on offer, you have a full squeezy bottle not sure how many people go for the option of the ketchup and spicy ketchup?

Now, where did I put the frying pan???

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sydney Botanical Gardens
Walking through the jungle section and thought these tree trunks would make a great embroidered quilt project!

Buttons buttons buttons

The last few days I have been having a good sort out of all my buttons... they have been living in pots, bags, boxes and rattling around the bottoms of drawers in my house for at least 5 years but many have been absorbed from much older hoarders, collected from aunts, grandparents and charity shops.

Most of them have been snipped from a garment at the end of its useful life, put to one side and then only ever adorned the inside of a tin...

I could spend hours grouping them into colours, types, sizes and back again.

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