Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tea Cup Candles - Tutorial to follow

setting the wicks
Ahead of a tutorial on making tea-cup candles I have taken some pics of the process and the results

I travel all over the country to find the vintage tableware to use for the candles and try to always use English vintage tableware have a few pieces at the moment that are Alfred Meakin and JT Jones for Crown Staffordshire

setting the wicks
 I use 100% soya wax, which burns clean and is easily removed from the tableware after burning. This means you can use your piece as it was intended after you have enjoyed the candle!

Trifle Bowls

The glassware looks amazing when lit, it really shows off all the cut glass

Alfred Meakin Trio
Alfred Meakin Ltd was set up in 1875 and operated from the Royal Albert, Victoria and Highgate Potteries in Tunstall. Alfred Meakin was the brother of James and George Meakin who ran a large pottery company in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

Vintage Tea Cup Candle Trio - J T Jones, Crown Staffordshire
Vintage Tea Cup Candle Trio - J T Jones, Crown Staffordshire Vintage Tea Cup Candle Trio - J T Jones, Crown Staffordshire Vintage Tea Cup Candle Trio - J T Jones, Crown Staffordshire Vintage Tea Cup Candle Trio - J T Jones, Crown Staffordshire Vintage Tea Cup Candle Trio - J T Jones, Crown Staffordshire
The Art Director at Crown Staffordshire for over thirty years was J T (Jack) Jones. Born in 1898 Jack Jones joined Crown Staffordshire at the age of thirteen and worked for the company for forty-seven years. At the time of his death he was described as one of the leading designers of bone china table ware

So start collecting vintage or modern tableware or glassware, it is really easy to make a wonderful gift and I will be posting a tutorial very soon ....



Monday, 28 May 2012

Vintage Embroidered Wall Hoops

rescuing antique / vintage table linens from junk shops, house sales and the bottom of drawers is a passtime of mine, I have recently started to pop them into hoops to hang on the walls so they can be displayed again
the corner of a table runner

the centre of a french  linen

a large table runner with birds

three of the 4 corners that could be rescued

Friday, 25 May 2012

Jubilee Giveaway

To celebrate the queens Diamond Jubilee I am giving away 3 strips of 'tea party' bunting

All you need to do is go to my facebook page like me there and leave a comment on my giveaway post

Your comment should be your perfect menu for an afternoon tea!! I will pick 3 winners on the 30th May

Some classic afternoon tea delights:


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Quilters Exhibition in London

Last night was spent ignoring my uncompleted wall hanging which I am entering into our quilt clubs exhibition, instead I cut out 50odd felt hearts to embellish some valentines gifts for a market next weekend... I cannot ignore it for long, you know when you have reached a creative block with a piece and you have trouble deciding how to finish it? Maybe a trip out to a gallery this week will inspire me??

Our exhibition is on for the whole of March at Swiss Cottage Library, we are exhibiting quilts made by members of London Quilters it is open every day and free to visit, so if you are in London in March please come along, it will be stewarded by our members so there will always be someone there from our group to talk about the quilts.

We are having a private viewing on Thursday 1st of March 6pm, with some wine and a special guest contact me if you would like an invite!

There will be raffle tickets on sale, the prize being this group quilt made last year

must finish wall hanging, must finish wall hanging....

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th

Started off this morning with a 24 min journey taking 1hr 15mins on the Jubilee line this morning, goodness knows what it will be like with the Olympics later in the year, London will be MANIC

Having said that, I have had a fairly decent day in the office and a lovely long lunch with a girlfriend catching up on all the gossip from Christmas/New Year.


make lots and lots and lots of bunting, have both the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics so will be making country flags, crowns and all things British, cannot wait for a long afternoon in my studio creating

Updates after the weekend, lets see if I can make some Jelly & Ice cream bunting....

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year Resolutions - Fat Free Cupcakes

Resolutions are far too numerous to even get into right now, obviously one is the eat less sugar/fat/alcohol, yeah let's see how that goes!!!

I did however make some fat free cupcakes... yes you heard it right FAT FREE

fine print is, they are not edible

They are in fact filled with french lavender and are a natural moth repellent, pop them on a hanger in your wardrobe to fend off attacks.

I have them on a cake stand in my living room, I can have my cake, but not eat it ;)

Good luck anyone who is starting a New Year diet!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Long time no see....

I have been neglecting a few things over the last few months firstly my blog, lastly my laundry and a whole heap of things in between...

Now it is a NEW YEAR and will be trying to catch up in a big way

First post of the New Year will be a short one just showcasing some of the things I have been making over the festive period and dragging all over London to craft fairs and markets.

First up is my favourite thing in the world right now, bunting, I have been making lots and lots from all sorts of cottons, recycled men's shirts, hand dyed and some lovely quirky designer prints, I cannot get enough of if!

Then I have been making lavender filled wardrobe buddies to keep pesky moths from peoples wardrobes, I am having great fun creating different animals, someone asked me to make a tractor shaped one at the market this Saturday, will post the results on here next week.

Yummy calorie free cupcakes!!! what more could you ask for, currently have them on a cake stand in my living room.

Happy New Year to you all, thanks for stopping by...

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