Monday, 9 January 2012

Long time no see....

I have been neglecting a few things over the last few months firstly my blog, lastly my laundry and a whole heap of things in between...

Now it is a NEW YEAR and will be trying to catch up in a big way

First post of the New Year will be a short one just showcasing some of the things I have been making over the festive period and dragging all over London to craft fairs and markets.

First up is my favourite thing in the world right now, bunting, I have been making lots and lots from all sorts of cottons, recycled men's shirts, hand dyed and some lovely quirky designer prints, I cannot get enough of if!

Then I have been making lavender filled wardrobe buddies to keep pesky moths from peoples wardrobes, I am having great fun creating different animals, someone asked me to make a tractor shaped one at the market this Saturday, will post the results on here next week.

Yummy calorie free cupcakes!!! what more could you ask for, currently have them on a cake stand in my living room.

Happy New Year to you all, thanks for stopping by...

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  1. You have such wonderful ideas & they are so beautifully made. All the best for the New Year to you too. xx


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