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First of all I should show you how I have prepared some of the material so you can see what effects are achieved from them.

Will be updating this regularly so with different techniques.


Start with your dry material you can make any size start with a fat quarter or similar size, you also need a strip of material, a hem is perfect or you can use string.

You then start rolling the material up around the strip, not too tight.

Until you have a roll as above.

Then you can start scrunching the material.

You should end up with a roll like this, trim to the strip and then put to one side or soak in the soda solution if you are going to start dyeing straight away.

bucket full of scrunchies

You can either immerse them in the dye or drop dye onto them, but with this technique they need to be pretty well soaked in dye for it to reach the middle. I find that giving them a squeeze in the dye will help it find it's way through the scrunchy, if you have rolled them too tightly the dye will find it harder to reach the middle.

The most exciting part is unravelling your material here is a scrunchy after dying, you can see that one end is lighter this was the middle where less of the dye made it through.

Here are a few different colours cut into squares, you can really see how they can be used in a project where you need different intensity of colour...

3 different colours cut into squares


Here again you can use any size of material as long as it will fit into the size tray you have when 'scrunched'.

Start with your piece of wet fabric on a clean surface, I use a plastic table. Lay it out flat.
 Pinch a small amount of fabric near the centre and start twisting.
The fabric will start to bunch up and so continue twisting from the middle until you have a nice little whirl.

You can fit as many as you like in a tray if you are going to dye at the same time.




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