Butterfly Block - Full Instructions

First thing to do is decide your background material and size of the blocks you want to make.

I have used a cream on cream spot pattern in a six and half inch block which will make a twelve and a half inch finished block.

If you want to make a nine butterfly quilt top you should cut thirtysix blocks.

Then you need to decide the colours for the butterfly wings, they can be any combination of colours, I would recommend at least three different patterns/colours but you can any combination or amount you choose. For these ones I have used some of my hand dyed cottons.
 Then with just scissors you can start the fun part, cutting all the wings. You are going to cut three different sizes of the wings, start with the largest, lay the wing over a square to decide what size you want this to be. Then cut as many as you need for the number of blocks you are making.
Then you can cut the middle and smallest wings.

There is no need to use a template as each wing can be cut in a slightly different shape as you can see below

Then you can start sewing them to the back ground blocks as shown...

Then you can trim them down

You should then start to match up the sets of wings...

For every two blocks you add wings to you should have two plain

Decide what colour you want your body to be...

Cut cigars

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