Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Sewing - win win win

I had spent this morning making a new batch of purses in advance of a market I am doing in a week or so and so set up a production line, was rather amused by the look of them after the zips were put in, they looked like stingrays on the move... rather colourful stingrays

All the colourful linings on display, at this stage it had just started raining outside and so was glad of the brightness

Job done, can relax about the stall now, I am heading up to Cumbria this week to visit my parents and spend time with my sister and my 3 year old nephew :) yay. Of course I will be taking some sewing with me, cannot decide what to take, should probably take a UFO so that I cannot avoid it or start a new project!

So would you like to own one of my block printed purses??? If you do then comment below and tell me something that happened to you this week that made you smile. If you want extra entries then tweet this entry or Facebook it and commet to tell me about it.

I will randomly pick a winner for this giveaway on the 27th Sept when I am back from Cumbria and full of things that would have made me smile

Aunty Alice will you not take photos of me when i am eating

International entries welcome



  1. I would love to win one of your gorgeous coin purses!
    Something that made me smile this week?? My son's first try of the(rugby)season! and his first black eye!

  2. I love these little zipper purses! My sweet little grand daughter made me smile!! she tried to "talk" (she's not yet 2) and I just love hearing her jabber , she smiles as she jabbers too like she's telling a funny story = )

  3. Something that happened this week - I went to see WICKED at The Fox Theater, and it was totally awesome! And I saw two friends I used to work with back in the 80's. One of them I've seen sporadically through the years, but the other one I haven't seen since the 80's, so I had a wonderfully beautiful weekend.

  4. My cat, Moxie, makes me smile when I'm completely involved, like now! Need to give het my time.

  5. How generous of you--I love how colorful your purses are inside and the stylish prints on the outside.

    Something that made me smile this week? Attending a Yankee game with the son of my dear friend--and remembering 25 years ago, when I took him and his friends to a ballgame for his 12th birthday. Back then, I couldn't imagine the years unspooling and that young boy and I being equals and good friends. Now he and his wife are sources of great happiness in my life. Sometimes it is good to grow older.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  6. My grandson and I were riding our bikes and he got tired but instead of saying that his legs were tired he said his legs were sleepy. He is such a joy and makes me smile alot.

  7. I'm trying to figure out how you made them...I'm not familiar with sewing the lining like that...? hmmm...I"m very curious! =)

    I love the bright colors and honestly don't miss my days of mass production like that. I'm enjoying the freedom of sewing gifts as opposed to sewing for consigning. I miss the money though. =) LOL

    Have a great market!

    And this week my children both won their soccer games! That makes me smile. =0)

  8. What a cute line up of purses! Have a great time this weekend!
    Oh, and my daughter got into the school play and found out they'll be performing in a pro theatre in winchester too! Made me smile :)

  9. Adorable little zipper purses! Winning a handmade purse would make me smile!!! Just found out my hubby is deploying next week :(
    Kerihag at Yahoo dot Com Thank you! It would be a great pick me up!

  10. It's hard to pinpoint all the smiling moments in the day but I know I smile when I'm sitting in my outdoor studio making jewellery or sewing & listening to great CD's.


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