Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pictoral Wonderfulness

is wonderfulness a word, probably not... ahh well

these we my two favorites from the Festival of Quilts this year in the pictorial category, I have never tried this technique before and to tell the truth it is probably because it must take meticulous planning

The first is by a Norwegian quilter called Bente Kultorp Andresen, she was not at the festival but a friend of hers was and was talking to me briefly about how Bente works

rubbish camera skills, this is blurry the close ups show a better level of detail
she starts with a photograph and section by section she cuts and sews down the layers of fabric to match the photograph then over quilts the whole picture

she dyes her own materials to match the colours

the second is by Jane Appelbee who again byes her won fabrics and raw edge appliques to achieve this stunningly realistic picture


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