Wednesday, 27 July 2011

how to display my buttons - Craft Fair Countdown 10 day to go

so preparations are continuing, have been furiously making small purses in all different hand block printed cotton

my sewing room is getting messier and messier

one problem I faced was how to display my vintage buttons without spending lots of money on small jars or bags, how could I make sure people could see the variety and quality quite easily... well I pondered and I sat at my desk

I pondered and stared at the buttons...

I stared some more and puzzled

then I decided to go and clear out a cupboard of stationary and found a pack of blank postcards I had purchased a few years ago to make valentines cards....


I would sew the buttons onto the postcards, this would show them all off, allow me to group them together in sets and make them easy to handle and sort through for customers on the stall...

now all we need to do if see how it goes down on the day, if they do not sell it is back to the drawing board (staring at the buttons and sighing)

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  1. The buttons looks look great on the cards, nicely grouped together! I'm sure you will do fantastically well at the fair!


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