Thursday, 27 June 2013

Buttons, candles and frogs....

Have been looking at making my own stamp to brand up some of my packaging and after several failed attempts at producing anything decent with some speedy carve and some lino tools I have decided to have them professionally made over the interweb. Found a few images that I would like to have made into stamps including these vintage buttons. Now the only problem is deciding which to go for....

Had a lovely day out at the Boogaloo in North London at the weekend with my collection of vintage teacup candles, no-one bought these orphans so I had to bring them home, hopefully next time someone will take them home.

Was thinking about taking a holiday later in the year, Split in Croatia was an option now set in stone after seeing this little gem from a museum called FROGGY LAND which was a folly of one man in the last century and his collection of stuffed frogs doing all sorts of random stuff.... I AM THERE
xx alice


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