Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tuesday Night Block Party

great way of using up and polystyrene packaging you have.. just use a craft knife and a ruler, i cut the round ones by drawing round a tea light and a wine bottle screw top lid!

hmmm too plain
ERGGGG hated this
mm slightly better, still not my fav
That is better, lay the zipper I am going to use on top to fill the space which will be the front of a makeup bag


  1. I love those circles!!! do you reuse the stamps? And what kind of paint do you use? I been wanting to try some fabric stamping but when I go to buy the paint I end up just looking at it all and wonder what kind to get! lol

  2. Hi Suzee, Yes I do reuse the blocks, just wait until the last paint is dry then start with a new colour, they will not last too long I guess being polystyrene but I am going to try making some from foam and other bits and bobs.

    I just use a standard water based paint, they are set using an iron. Any should be good, just pick one and see how you go.

    There is plenty of advise on here


  3. Hiya! Just wanted to let you know I featured your link today over at SewHappyGeek! Have a great weekend!


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